• DeepCare羽医甘蓝

    Evolve Dental Healthcare with AI

  • Overview

    Founded in 2016, DeepCare is committed to improve dental healthcare with artificial intelligence. DeepCare provides advanced AI-driven solutions and services in dental image interpretation, treatment planning, healthcare quality control and patient follow-up, enhancing the quality, efficiency and experience of dental clinical practice.

  • Solutions

    DeepCare Dental Landscape

    DeepCare Dental Landscape, an AI-assisted dental health analysis system, is based on the innovational high-performance deep learning algorithm developed by our technology team. The algorithm has been trained on tens of thousands of dental images, annotated by medical experts. Analysis of dental image is completed within 10 seconds, detecting up to 23 dental diseases or conditions such as caries, periapical periodontitis and alveolar bone resorption. The system generates dental health report automatically and provides users with accurate, comprehensive and immediate dental health assessment. TRY NOW>

  • Key Features

    Leading Dental AI Technologies

    Fast, Accurate, Comprehensive Assessment of Dental Health

    Massive Training Data from Renowned Medical Institutions

    Annotations from Medical Experts with Cross-Validation and Review